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About Us

Stephen GreenTemporarily Yours was started in October 2007 and as you will see from the testimonials, has already established a good name among its clients, many of whom use the service frequently in the knowledge they will receive a first rate service.

Stephen spent the previous 14 years as Head of Treasury Sales & Marketing for a large offshore bank. During this time he was able to hone his customer skills and managed to grow the business in successive years. He dealt with small and large business on a daily basis from a client base that spanned many different industries.



“Following a restructure of the Acceleron Group of Companies I wanted someone who was able to help organise my busy office and who I could rely upon to take away some of my heavy workload, allowing me more time to concentrate on growing the business.

Stephen has been prepared to fit into my busy working schedule, often working longer hours that I would have expected had I used agency staff. Because Temporarily Yours is Stephen’s own business he is always prepared to go the extra mile to fit in with his customers needs, something I value a great deal.

Stephen is honest, reliable, punctual and able to do all the jobs I ask of him, and I feel comfortable in leaving him to run my office, especially on the occasions I am not there in person”.

Paul Turner, Chairman, Acceleron Group www.acceleron-group.com

“We work in a highly regulated and customer focused environment where attention to detail is vital despite the repetitive nature of many of our core tasks. At times we need to supplement our existing workforce (often at short notice) with reliable team members who can learn and apply our processes quickly and with accuracy. The ability to communicate clearly within our team and also at all levels externally by email, phone and orally is absolutely essential. Stephen fulfils these requirements and his past experience and work ethic together with his eagerness to deliver excellent customer service make him a valuable member of our organisation”.

Clive Lonie, Audata Ltd, Canterbury

“During the course of the last year the Practice has grown rapidly. The need to create systems to cope efficiently with new demand became necessary. Confidentiality being paramount it was crucial that the right person was selected for the job. With his knowledge and expertise of not only financial matters and systems and how general business works, combined with his ability to learn on the job where necessary, I knew that Stephen would be able to do what was required. More importantly however was the absolute certainty that he would work sensitively, with respect and maintaining confidentiality The Practice cannot justify a permanent member of staff to do this type of work. Stephen’s known qualities mean it is possible to relax in the knowledge the job will be done to perfection”

Jane Clark, Country Practice, Faversham

“In 2015 the Lotus Elise Trophy entered its ninth successful years racing at circuits across the UK. It was evident from the outset that we would need additional help at all rounds and with Stephen’s knowledge of Motorsport he was an obvious choice. At each round Stephen has been part of a team who help organise our drivers, making sure they get their cars to scrutineering, practice sessions and races on time. Stephen’s approach to the work has been both professional and friendly and he has become a valuable member of our team.”

Paul Golding, Lotus-On-Track